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Simple split function in SQL

Most of the times while designing procedures and cursors for customization you may need to use a function which will split your string based on predefined delimiter and return you items set. Below is the function you can create and use in SQL for the same. CREATE FUNCTION dbo.Split(@String nvarchar(4000), @Delimiter char(1)) returns @Results TABLE… Read More »

Add custom button using Access Key in Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides an option to add button to a screen through ‘Button Groups’. For example, if you need to add a button in New Case screen then you can create the Button Group associate it with ‘newcase’ system action. Once this is done the button appears on the New Case screen. Button Groups are… Read More »

Showing information messages using Content block

We are very much familiar that Sage CRM provides very strong Themes based design using the eWare.css file. It has lots of pre-built CSS classes which are used by standard controls as well as they can be used by the custom controls we create. I am elaborating one such example in this blog. I came across the… Read More »

Remove Action Buttons using client side script

We had posted much detailed content earlier for removing buttons from standard screens using client side scripts. This is in continuation with the same. When you are customize any List or Summary screen you can find there are lots of action buttons available on right hand side; for example communication search screen. On this screen you can see Find,Clear… Read More »