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Duplicate records created while progressing Custom Entity workflow

Workflow plays a vital role in Sage CRM. Designing and implementing business process in CRM in order to let the same process flow to be followed as it was out of the system, is easily achieved in Sage CRM. Another advantage is the provision to not only create Custom entities in CRM but also apply… Read More »

Increase width of Quick Find Results drop down in Sage CRM

Sage CRM’s Quick find allows users to search for key terms across single-line text, email address, and URL fields on all company, people, case, opportunity, lead, solution, communication, order, quote, and custom entity records at once. Since the Quick find helps with the results from various entities; many a time’s users face the situations where… Read More »

Display Distinctive Records in Reports

As we all know Sage CRM comes with various features which help every users in many ways. Likewise, report section is useful for them who need to track their performance or other information. New Stuff: Migrate Users from Salesforce to Sage CRM We have seen multiple instances where users have a habit of to create records… Read More »

Consequences of De- Duplication

De-Duplication in Sage CRM is a feature which prevents users from feeding duplicate records into CRM. This avoids redundancy and ensures optimal usage of database. Sage CRM offers different ways in which we can set the dedupe behavior which he have already shared in our previous blogs. Related Post: Change the standard dedupe behavior Well,… Read More »

Change Default dedupe behaviour

In Sage CRM, we have Match Rules defined for Company to restrict users from entering duplicate company records. Basically it is defined on Company Name field. Please refer below screenshot. The New Stuff: Migrate communications from Goldmine to Sage CRM Suppose we want to add another field for e.g. “Company Registration” for Company dedupe then… Read More »