Site Validation while creating Quote/Order in Sage CRM GUMUX3 Connector

In our latest version (v1.1) of GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration, we are importing those products into Sage CRM whose Sold and Deliverable checkboxes are checked in Sage X3. Refer below screenshot, Once the products are imported in Sage CRM, user can create and promote Quote/Order using those products from Sage CRM… Read More »

New Enhancement in GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration is a real-time bi-directional integration between Sage CRM and Sage X3 enables users to access customer, invoice and order information from either of these two systems. New Stuff: Pre– Requisites for installing GUMU for sage CRM- Sage ERP X3 Recently, we have released latest version (v1.1) of GUMUX3… Read More »

How to modify Standard Summary Report in Sage CRM?

We all are aware about Sage CRM’s vast and varied list of Standard Reports available for almost all the Entities. Along with this, CRM’s Report engine also help us with a Summary Report for respective entity record. This report is specially designed to give an overview of an individual record including all the other entity… Read More »

Go to Next Page from the bottom of the List/Grid in Sage CRM

Hello everyone! In previous blogs, we had seen multiple functionalities like highlighting grid rows/columns, center alignment of data, underline to the grid column etc. by applying JavaScript or JQuery. Now, in this blog, we will see “Go to Page” mechanism at the bottom of the grid by using JavaScript only. New Stuff: Diagnose System Health in… Read More »

Diagnose System Health in Sage CRM 2017 R2 – Part 2

In our previous blog, we have explained steps for checking system health in administrator section. In this blog, we will explain you about how to troubleshoot and find out the solution, if there is an issues with some of the standard components/functionalities of Sage CRM. Related Stuff: Diagnose System Health in Sage CRM 2017 R2 –… Read More »

Reports are not visible after renaming Report Category

We have been writing about Sage CRM Reports module, its various features as well issues encountered and how to fix them. In below post, we will explain you one of the conflict we recently faced because of renaming the Report Category name. New Stuff: Securing Documents by Deploying Proper Security within Your Sage CRM System Recently,… Read More »

Securing Documents by Deploying Proper Security within Your Sage CRM System

It’s important to configure proper security access rights within your Sage CRM system, including restricted security profiles. Deleting any data from CRM, accidently or either on purpose can prove very dangerous and costly to fix. It’s important that the administrators of the system deploy the proper security to be applied to standard Sage CRM users… Read More »

Customizing the Date field using JQuery in Sage CRM Part-2

In our earlier blog, we had explained how to customize date field using JQuery and display on Sage CRM screen. In this post we will explain how Users can set the Current or say running Month and Year with the help of this field. Related Stuff: Customizing the Date field using JQuery in Sage CRM Below… Read More »

Show Original Currency Value in Sage CRM Reports

Sales Module of Sage CRM comprises of various different entities such as Opportunity, Quotes, Orders, and Forecast etc. One of the major element of these entities is the Currency value. Since every country has its own Base Currency, Business or Sales done in these different territories must have to be dealt with its respective currency… Read More »

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 100 Integration is compatible with Sage CRM 2018 R1

GUMU™ for Sage CRM and Sage 100 Integration Link is a real time, bi-directional link that integrates Sage 100 and Sage CRM data. GUMU™ Integration link is a real time, bi-directional link that integrates Sage 100 and Sage CRM where users can view information for customers, invoices and orders from either of the systems. The… Read More »