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Custom Icons for entities

For any web application, Self Descriptiveness is the main characteristic which facilitates maximum usage of the modules designed. There are lots of things with which we can achieve this in SageCRM. SageCRM has wide scope for customizations. Customization also involves creating several custom entities to incorporate client requirements.  We have a facility to generate entities… Read More »

Notification in CRM

In Sage CRM there are 2 places from where we can notify the user. The notifications can be raised from. Notification at escalation rule. Notification at entity level. Let me just clarify the working of each one so that you would be in a position to know which one would be the best for your… Read More »

GROUPS functionality for custom entity

GROUPS is a very efficient feature provided by SAGE CRM using which we can collectivelly refer to the several entity records at the same time for performing particular action. This functionality is available for all the standard entities in SAGE CRM like Company, Person, Cases, opportunities etc. Now, what if you want this functionality for… Read More »