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Linked selection fields through client side scripting

Today I will revisit one of the oldest, but very much useful tricks related to web forms. Most of the forms nowadays need relationship to be established between two fields. For example when I select Product interest in one list it should filter Sub product interest in another field. Today I will explain how this… Read More »

Additional Information in Entity Top Content Screens – Sage CRM v7.2

Entity Top Content screens in Sage CRM are used to give quick overview of an entity without actually having to scroll down all the way on Summary screens.  These Top Content screens can be further customized to add eye-catching information in the Top Content screen using client side SDK introduced in Sage CRM v7.2. New… Read More »

Lead to Opportunity Fields Mapping

As per the basic principal of sales we try and convert all the Leads to Opportunities. The basic agenda of the system is the faster processing hence the most important thing is data must be populated automatically wherever required.  When Lead is converted to an Opportunity, the relevant details entered at Lead level must be… Read More »

Why Notify Time Field is used in Escalation

Sage CRM provides many features at administration level that can be used to make modifications and customizations without having to do intense coding. For e.g. Workflow, Table Level Scripting, Translation. In this blog we am going to explain the notification feature of Escalation in Sage CRM. Escalation is a key tool of CRM to implement different kinds… Read More »

Error while writing scripts on OnChange script section

Recently I came across a problem with OnChangeScript in sage CRM version 7.1. Somehow OnChangeScript for search select advanced fields doesn’t like the script to be on multiple lines! i.e. Below written script doesn’t work: id = document.EntryForm.comp_type.value; alert (‘comp_type:’+id); and Below written script works: id = document.EntryForm.proj_companyid.value;alert (companyid :’+id); First script gives the following… Read More »