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Restrict Web Sites in Sage CRM Dashboard Website Gadget

Every Oraganization has their own rules and regulations or we can say Organization policy which must be followed by their employees. For Example, Lets say according to the Organization rules and regulations or Policy, Organization employee should not be able to access any unwanted website in Sage CRM. Sage CRM Dashboard Gadgets allows to configure… Read More »

Hiding Add or Find Person hyperlink

Hi folks! Hope you all know the importance of Lead entity in Sage CRM, and also you all must be familiar of “Customer Details” and “Primary Contact Details” blocks available on lead summary screen. These two block has two hyperlinks on it (i.e. Add or Find this Customer & Add or Find this Person).  See… Read More »

Hide field without scripting

Hi folks! When it comes to hide and show in CRM we directly go for scripting. Without knowing that Sage CRM provides us to do the same by changing settings. One of the most difficult panel to deal with in Sage CRM is “Phone” and “Personal Phone Details”. Now suppose you want to hide one… Read More »

Modify Sage CRM Standard Entity Summary Screen to add a new Panel

We have already explained how to modify Standard Entity Summary screen by adding Divider or Subsection to it (Refer below link for more details). New Stuff: Eliminate Type field in Company Entry Screen of Sage CRM Recently we came across a requirement wherein we had to modify the Standard Entity screen to add a new panel… Read More »