Sage Intacct – Send email to customer if amount is greater than 25000

By | February 12, 2021

In Sage Intacct, there are many transaction like customer invoices and vendor bills that contain small and large transaction amount.

If customer purchases any product or item and the price is above 25000, then email will be send automatically to that customer with the item name and amount. So that customer will also be prompted that they have purchased that particular item with amount and have to pay it within mentioned date and there is no need to manually remind the customer for payment.

Using smart event email feature we can handle this scenario easily.

Steps to achieve smart event email scenario:
Go to the smart events and create smart event for customer invoice.

  1. Set smart event action property to “Email”.
  2. Add smart event for “Add” functionality.
  3. Write the condition for invoice amount (that’s amount > 25000).

    Event Properties

  4. Set the customer emailid in email properties.
  5. Add appropriate subject for email.
  6. Add the email template for customer.

    Email Properties

If the customer purchases any item with amount greater than 25000, the above created Smart event will execute email event and automatically sent email to the customer with item amount.