Sage Intacct Price List Report

By | February 12, 2021

Price lists report is used to create pricing strategies for items whose prices are determined based on a fixed fee, the quantity used, or the contracted quantity. It shows entries by price list. With the help of this report you can track details such as price breaks for various item quantities, price list, product line, items, effective dates for each price list, and effective dates for specific items if the item dates are different from the price list dates. You can see result for a particular category, without entering any search information. 

Price List Report

To access this report, go to Order Entry, Purchasing, or Inventory Control > All tab > Reports > List reports, and click Price list.

Navigate to Price List Report

  1. Set the filters to get the specific data you want. Filters enable you to include or exclude specific types of data in the report, such as customer, item, UPC, value, or account.

    Price List Report Filters

  2. Type a title, subtitle, and footer for your report.

    Price List Report Filters

  3. You can View, process, memorize, or export the report by clicking the buttons given on the top of the corner.

    Report Title

This report can be helpful for employees who set the price for each item.