Sage X3 Products

GreytriX3 products division is working on developing add-ons and integrations for Sage X3 ERP. Projects which are under progress or ready to deploy includes:

TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) for Sage ERP X3: A localized module for Indian localization.

POS Integration: World Renowned POS integrated with Sage X3.

GreytriX3 is engaged in developing products and add-ons for Greytrix as well as for other Development Partners of Sage X3 ERP. There are three kind of Engagement Types for products with third party and other organizations:

Greytrix IP: Products which are researched, funded and sales/marketed by Greytrix. GreytriX3 works as an external team for Greytrix India Pvt Ltd for developing add-ons and products.

BOT: Build, Operate and Transfer basis. Long term contract with an organization to build and operate an add-on or product before transferring the IP.

Partnership: The IP is co-owned by Greytrix and the client. Sales, marketing, support, development and other costs are distributed and parternership is reached for the benefit of both organization. This model is most successful in case of a partner having domain expertise and sales skills but lacking in development and support skills.


Contact us at for further discussion of partnership details or add-ons.


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