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How to Prevent Users from Posting Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices in Sage X3

In sage x3, Sometimes there may be a requirement that not all the user should be able to post sales and purchase invoice, We can allow the restriction for the user for posting of sales and purchase invoice. With the steps provided below extra security can be set up in Sage X3 that will prohibit… Read More »

How to Setup a Default Payment Approval Status in Sage X3

The posting of the payment of invoices coming from the Purchase, Sales or AP-AR Accounting modules is the payments generation. When you enter a Supplier Invoice there a Pay Approval selection box on the Header of the record. Only when the Invoice is marked as “Authorized to Pay” can it be selected by the Payment… Read More »

How to set default location and location type on product category.

Sage X3 gives us functionality where we can set default location and location type at product category level. If a particular category of product is available at multiple locations of sites, we can set a default location in this case and also if there is multiple categories of location (Receipt, stock, picking etc.) we can… Read More »

How to create a Reversing GL journal Entry in X3

Journal entries are records of financial transactions flowing in and out of the business. Journal entries are used to make transfers between nominal accounts. These transactions all get recorded in the book, called the general journal. Transactions are listed in an accounting journal that shows a company’s debit and credit balances. Journal entries includes the following main… Read More »

How to use packaging for product on Sales order

As we all know the importance of packaging. Packaging refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging keeps the product safe during shipment between the manufacturing facility and the retailer and must prevent damage while the product… Read More »

Inter-company price list setup to having different prices for the same product

When there are several companies, there may be an inter-company flow of goods It then becomes essential that these flows can be identified in order that the corresponding invoicing can take place. These flows can be defined by way of reciprocal orders or reciprocal open orders. But in this case, it is useful to have… Read More »

How to create credit note against purchase return in Sage X3

A credit note (also known as credit memo) is issued to indicate a return of funds in the event of an invoice error, incorrect or damaged products, purchase cancellation, or otherwise specified circumstance. One type of credit memo is issued by a seller in order to reduce the amount that a customer owes from a… Read More »