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How to enable Group pricing in Sage Enterprise Management

You may come across the situation where you need to use grouped pricing in Sage Enterprise Management. Navigate to → Setup → General parameters → Values → VEN Set the Value of ‘Group price management’ as ‘Yes’. Now the Price list type Grouped will be used for sales transactions. Hope this helps. About Us Greytrix… Read More »

How to print any report on the click of “Create” button for any transaction

You may come across the situation where you have printed the report while creation of any transaction. Consider an example for the same i.e we need to print the report “BONCDE2” while creating a purchase order to do so we have to go to the entry transaction of the purchase order and check Auto Print… Read More »

Order Delivery Price Search in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management sales module, sometimes we need to update or change the price of shipment as per newly changed shipment date or delivery date. Sage X3 has provided the parameter where you can set the order delivery price search “Yes” or “No”. Navigate To: Sales > Shipment management rules Parameter SDHRECPRI=”Yes” Sage X3… Read More »

How to get descriptive values from Miscellaneous Tables Value in Sage Enterprise Management

You may come across the situation, where you need to read the description from the miscellaneous table. One of the possible ways to do is as below: If !clalev ([ZAT]) : Local File ATEXTRA[ZAT]  : Endif For  [ZAT] WHERE CODFIC=’ATABDIV’ AND IDENT1=’32’ AND ZONE=’LNGDES’ AND LANGUE=GLANGUE infbox num$(TEXTE) next The TEXTE will return you the… Read More »

Currency Rate Decimal Value Set up in Sage X3

Follow below steps to set the decimal value for currency rate. Navigate to: Set Up->General Parameters->Parameter values->Superviser Click on FMT formats action and set “DERCU” parameter values which are used for no decimals currency rate. Hope this helps! About Us Greytrix – a globally recognized Premier Sage Gold Development Partner is a one-stop solution provider… Read More »

Enabling/Disabling Standard Delete and Cancel buttons

In the custom development, we have come across the problem where the standard buttons are not getting enabled or disabled. For e.g. we are calling the additional screen from the standard screen but when we make any changes to that additional screen as per the Sage X3 standard the main screen Cancel or Delete button… Read More »

How to create Prepayment post partial sales delivery in Sage X3

In this blog, you will learn how to create Prepayments on Sales order post partial sales delivery in Sage X3. Create a Sales order. Create a partial delivery on a Sales order. Create a prepayment for sales order from prepayment menu. Issue prepayment. Create a Receipt on prepayment. Now the prepayment is paid. You can… Read More »

How to Rename Menus in Favourites in Sage X3

New versions of Sage X3 provides many additional useful functions and features, unlike V6. New versions of Sage X3 provides a special feature for renaming your favorite menus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember X3 menu with it’s defined name. To overcome this, we can rename menus with easy names for quicker access. There is… Read More »

How to add the filters in the object based selection

We have scenario where we need to show same selection as per standard object but we need to have additional filter on selection. In this scenario, there is no need to add the additional selection criteria. We just need to add the following selection filter as below. Example: We need Customer selection using the BPC… Read More »

How to change/add Dimensions on Journal Entry

We may come across scenarios where we want to add/change dimensions on Journal Entry(Line level). By following below steps we can achieve this functionality. Navigate to Set-up →  Organizational Structure →  Ledgers Select a ledger for which you want to add dimension. In CoA and dimension types section increase the No. Of dim. Types for… Read More »