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Auditing Connections in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 has come up with an interesting feature through which users can now easily monitor or Audit connections in Sage X3. These can be done whenever the AUDIT activity code is activated, the sage software is able to trace all the connections/disconnections to the current folder. These data stored in the ALOGIN table,… Read More »

How to Overcome “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” issue while copying screens, tables or any other object from one folder to another.

We all have come across the issue “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” while copying some object from one folder to other. Let us consider two folders :- OGDEV SEED While copying screen “ZITM”  from OGDEV to SEED got the below error message. To resolve the issue we need to the fallowing things:- 1. Go… Read More »