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License Plate Numbers – New in Sage X3 –Version 12

New feature introduced in Sage X3; License Plate Numbering (LPN) helps you to track information for a group of items within a container. A single number allows to track the inventory within a container throughout the system at every stage of the supply chain. The intention of the blog here is to ensure readers have… Read More »

How to use and setup the functionality of early discount / late charges in Supplier Invoice in Sage X3 version 12

Do the setup as per the requirement by entering early discount/ late charges in days and its rate in percentage. For doing the setup navigate to below paths. Navigate to: Common data → BP tables → Early discount/late charge As in the above Image – – (minus) in rates indicates discount while rest are charges.… Read More »

Warehouse management in sage x3

We all know there is both location management and Warehouse management available in Sage. There has been question why do we need warehouse management enabled when we can manage inventory by location, we create different location type and location in it and inventory can be managed. Then what is the use of Warehouse management in… Read More »

How to solve webservice error: ”nextLong”

We may come across the “nextLong “error while invoking web service. One way to resolve the “nextLong” error is below. In Version 11 and Version 12, created object based web service for saving the product .While trying to save new product we received nextLong error with Type 4. Refer. Fig., 1.1 Cause: If no field… Read More »

How to enable the Source transaction in Journal entry

In Sage X3 version 12 release, there is an amendment to the existing feature for the journal entry transaction screen. Where we can now get the journal entry source transaction details which is mapped with the respective transactions. This addition will ease the auditing of journal entry. To enable this amendment you need to follow… Read More »

How to add legal accounts in the list of the budget Misc. Operations screen

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where a user wants multiple legal accounts in the account list for selection in the budget misc. operation screen. Refer to screenshot below: To add accounts in the above window (selection accounts). In doing this, follow below steps: Step 1: Navigate to:  Common Data → G/L… Read More »

How to solve ‘There is no ledger type corresponding to the criteria!’ error message in Budget Misc. operation screen

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where user get this error while entering and tab out of the company name field in the budget misc. operation screen. Refer below screen shot: To solve this functionality, follow below steps: Step1: Navigate to : Setup → Organisational structure → Ledgers In this screen, select… Read More »

How to enable close button in Sales Order Screen | Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management, we may come across a scenario where the user wants to close sales orders manually, but the close button is closed. This functionality can be achieved by the following steps: Navigate to: Sales → Orders → Orders Refer below screenshot, you can see that, the close button is disabled here. Follow… Read More »