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How to add new fields in left list in Sage X3

A purchase request is a written request that lists the items that are required, how many are needed, and when they will be required. It becomes a purchase order after it is authorized. An unapproved purchase order is called a purchase request. The purchase request lists all necessary goods and services along with their respective… Read More »

How to create Global Selection Pages in SEI

This blog explains what a Selection Page is and how it works with Global Parameters. This ensures that the selection page functions only within Dashboards, Workbooks, and Reports. It is used to filter the data displayed in the current view. If a data type has been defined in the Global Parameters, user input will be… Read More »

Posting Old Stock Entries for Miscellaneous Issues/ Receipts in Sage X3

Transactions from Miscellaneous Issues/Receipts were not linked to the automatic journal. Due to this, the system does not provide stock impact for entries that users create for transactions (i.e., STK entries). All new entries will have STK impact if we select an automatic journal to that entry transaction. The question is, what happened to the… Read More »

How to use Stock Movement Codes in Product category?

In Sage X3 there is some multiple type of movement code , found in Miscellaneous table 14. Basically movement code is used to specify when a product is received or issued . One of the predefined code is Status Change CHS which is used to further define the management rules on the product category by… Read More »

How to solve if added tab in window is not visible after global validation of window

Sometimes, it happens when we add any customized screen or tab in window, we are not able see the customized screen added in the window. Also, it might happen you may see the fields of the added tab in the window but not added tab. We mostly solve this issue by global validation of window… Read More »

How to validate alphanumeric date field in Sage X3?

There can be occasions when you want to accept date input in an alphanumeric field in grid. As, alphanumeric field does not have calendar control so you need to validate the entry section by writing our own code. Here we are describing how to achieve same via code. Below is the code we have written after… Read More »

How to avoid clashing between local variable and table column name?

In Sage X3, we may come across the situation where we may be having some variable name declared in the code file and the same variable in table. Sage X3 has special keyword to make differentiation between local variable and the table variable as there can be same name used while declaring the local variable… Read More »