Tally Shopper POS and Sage ACCPAC ERP: Integrates with Item Sync

By | August 19, 2011
Tally Shopper integrates with Sage ACCPAC ERP using Greytrix Shopper Bridge which syncs the Shopper items into Sage ACCAPC ERP without doing any manual import & export.

In this process we will first create the items in Sage ACCPAC ERP. In items there will number of optional fields one which can be your unique field which can be your EAN number that is unique and all other can be optional that can be your categories, business segments, product types etc. In this case our Sage ACCPAC ERP and Shopper item codes will be different.

Our Sage ACCPAC ERP code will have an optional field as EAN code which will contain the Shopper Item code and with the help of this we will be able to map the Sage ACCPAC ERP and Shopper item number. Also we will be mapping all other Sage ACCPAC ERP item optional fields with the anal code of Shopper. So that each and every field in ACCPAC item master gets appropriately updated in shopper. This is just a case; there can also be a situation where our ACCPAC and Shopper item number are same so in this case we need not need to maintain any unique optional field in ACCPAC item master.

There will be a setup which will have a provision of last sync date where you can select the date from which you can want the ACCPAC items to get sync with Shopper. All other details can also be updated like MRP and Cost from ACCPAC to Shopper.

Once you run sync the setup will generate a CSV file which will be stored in ‘IN’ folder in Shopper9ho. This CSV file will be containing the data which is extracted from ACCPAC. Ones the setup completes the creation of CSV file it will give you a message of completion. Then your next step will be to go to Shopper HO and import it from Back end option which is there in Master options. This will import the entire item master to shopper.

On the other hand the integration will be generating an error log file which will note down all the items that are not properly updated in ACCPAC and were not able to sync with shopper. The error file will be list of items along with reasons why they were not got synced with Shopper.

In this way we can integrate Sage ACCPAC ERP with Tally Shopper POS for item sync and achieve end to end integration for Retail industry

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