Transfer of Excise duties along with Inventory Transfer in Sage 300 ERP

By | September 28, 2012

Now you can forget about spending long strenuous hours entering Excise duty details for internal inventory transfers or changing your business process because your ERP vendor does not have a provision for it.
We have developed Manufacturing Excise and Trading Excise module for Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP, which has integrated transfer of Excise duties paid on inventory items, while internal inventory transfers take place from one location to another.

A Brief History:
When Excise goods are moved from Manufacturers godown to branch office godown, it is called a Stock Transfer. The manufacturers are liable to pay excise duty on the movement of stock to another godown.
We realized at our research and development meet that there is a huge gap between some business processes and capabilities of ERP systems in India regarding Excise duties transfers for Internal Inventory Transfers.
It was after some more research by our R & D team, that we realized about the vast GAP between the solutions offered by Industry Giants in Business Process Atomization and the Business processes followed by clients which need to have a huge turnaround due to the software’s inability to meet those demands.
In a general setup, most of companies require their Inventory (includes Raw Materials, WIP goods and Processed Goods) to move from one location to another with or without change in the ownership of goods. In these transfers the primary location from where the transfer initiates has already paid for Excise duties applicable for that inventory. One expects ERP systems to take a note of this and hence to have a system to transfer the Excise duties along with the inventory.

Let us understand with the help of an example;
Suppose we have one finished goods “1003020” at Manufacturers location “Bhiwandi” [EXBHIW] which I need to transfer to depot location “Bangalore” [EXBANG] to process for sale. We have defined the assessable value for this product is 3333.33 so excise duties will be calculated on this amount [see the below screen shot for more details].

These Excise duties will transfer from “Bhiwandi” location to “Bangalore” location and program will create a GL entry [see the below screen shot]

Hopefully this blog gives you an overview of Transfer of Excise duties along with Inventory Transfer in Sage 300 ERP.