Shipping Labels in Sage 300 ERP

By | June 7, 2013

A simple but useful feature for a warehouse-based company is the easy availability to print out various labels and stickers that can be used while shipping consignments against customer orders. This seemingly small but noteworthy element helps reduce the time invested in writing down the addresses manually and adding up chances of human errors.
This follows the JIT principles (also known as Just in Time), which emphasize on importance of reducing human intervention in repetitive jobs and automating them to the maximum extent.
Say for an instance; To fit a bolt into a nut it only takes 2 rotations, the rest of the rotations are completely nonproductive and hence nut bolts with precisely 2 threads are invented and are being used in majority of automobile industries among others.
Similarly, in a regular trading/manufacturing company we can automate such data entry efforts (like printing shipping labels) and concentrate on the core processes that lead to value creation to the entire business.
Coming back to the subject, printing labels from systems helps us reduce the time invested in repetitive processes and can be utilized to more productive processes. Hence to print, Shipping Label navigate to Order Entry >>O/E Forms >>Shipping Labels

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1. Here, in ‘Select’ criterion, select shipping labels based on shipments, invoices and sales orders.

The intuitive screen gives a drop down to select document based on which the labels are to be printed. The default selection remains Shipment, but users can select Sales Order or Invoices to print labels.

2. To Reprint label[s] already printed, User can use the check-box named include labels already printed.

3. If the ‘Print only labels marked as required’ menu is checked, then system checks for any existing flags set for Shipping Labels Required in Order Entry Module. These flags are marked on by the users while printing picking slips in Order Entry (Order Entry>OE Forms>Picking Slips).

 Sort Items by Picking Sequence In Order Entry Screen

This way you can print the shipping labels in Sage 300 ERP and make your packaging process faster and less time consuming.