Handling Additional Costs and its Variations in Sage 300 ERP – II

By | August 30, 2013

In the last blog, we saw how to ‘handle additional cost at the time of receipt of goods‘ based on approximation in which later we come to know that the variation in the additional cost is on the lower side.
In this blog, we will have a look in detail how do we handle the variation in the additional cost which is on the higher side.
Consider a case where we have booked an additional cost of 5000 at the GRN level, but at the bill booking time we came to know that the additional cost actual invoice amount is 5500. In this case, while booking the invoice in PO module we have to create an additional cost as variance in masters and add one detail line selecting the variance in the additional cost and then change the invoice amount to 5500 as shown below.


The New Stuff: Different Costing methods in Sage 300 ERP
Once you post the entry system will create the following GL affect.



This way the variance in the additional cost can be handled in Sage 300 ERP thus enabling us to prorate the additional cost either on Inventory or some Expense accounts and adjust the variance in the required clearing accounts.
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