Stock Status Report in Sage 300 ERP

By | August 23, 2013

In Inventory Control Module, there are reports like Stock Transaction Report and Stock Status Report. In this blog, we will be discussing about “Stock Status Report in detail.
Stock Status Report lists inventory changes or status for one or more items from various account sets and locations. Hence, to print stock status report, navigate to Inventory Control >> I/C Stock Control Reports >> Stock Transaction

1. IC Stock Transaction Report

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Stock Status Report UI provides different options like:

a) Group By: It groups the output of report either by Items or Locations.
b) Print: This option allows user to print report in Costs only or Quantity Only. By default report prints both the costs and quantity of the selected item(s).
c) As at Year/Periods: It allows user to select the period for which they want to view the report.
d) From and To Account Set: It allows users to select one or more account sets.
e) From and To Item Number: It allows users to select one or more Item Number.

After selecting desired options, click on Print button it will print report in following format,

2. Report

Report provides detail of Opening quantity/balance, Change in quantity/balance as well as Closing quantity/balance for the selected year/period.
This report is very helpful to keep a watch on inventory status and provides the valuation of selected items at a specific period.
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