OE Sales Register Report for Sage 300 ERP

By | October 25, 2013

In our previous blog, we discussed about AP Vendor Ledger Report for Sage 300 ERP which is a part Greytrix Extended report Pack for Sage 300 ERP.

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In this blog we will take a detail view on OE Sales Register Report.
The name Sales Register itself indicates that it helps you to keep track on your sales. We have specially designed it to derive Sales Tax Item Wise Annexure. To make it more ease of use this report gets printed in Microsoft Excel format.
Thus to print this report navigate to Greytrix Extended Report Pack –> Report –> OE Sales Register:

OE Sales register

Sales register report provides information of company sales for a particular date range with an option to Sort on item, location, customer, customer group, customer account set , item group or item Category for the O/E invoices, Credit Notes and Debit Notes.
All you have to do select different filter criteria as per your requirement and just give the path in which you want to generate the report.
The printed report will look like this:


To simplify the process, this report get printed in excel sheet. Once the output is ready, you can format, draw pivots, sort, filter, etc.. the report according to your requirement as you do in normal excel sheet.
This report can also be further used to get top customers, items based on how you use excel to create Pivots.
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