Compilation Error for A4wFldEdtCtrl.dll fieldedit control

By | December 27, 2013

In this blog we will discuss about solution for the error message while opening the Customized screen (OCX) i.e. “Unexpected error in: Name of the usercontrol |UserControl_Initialize”.
Sometimes when any standard Sage 300 ERP screen (OCX) is customized by any third party; user encounters issues while opening the customized screen.
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In this blog we take an example of a customized OE Order Entry Screen and when user tries to open the customized screen the following error is shown. Refer the below screenshot for the error:

A4wFldeditcontrol Error

The reason for the above error is that the OCX was compiled on the system with higher product update for Sage 300 ERP, but the system on which it is deployed is having lower product update for Sage 300 ERP.
Simple solutions to the above error are:-
1. Re-compile the above OCX, with the PU installed at client.
2. Or Install the Latest product update at clients end.
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