Can ERP Implementation be ignored?

By | April 26, 2014

Why is ERP important for an organization? There are plenty of well-known advantages of an ERP. A well-chosen and personalized ERP solution can save money, improve efficiency and rule out any snags in operations which could prevent growth or block a business from reaching its full potential.

Apart from streamlining core business processes, ERP brings many other benefits to a company. Implemented successfully, a good ERP will change the way everyone works day-to-day, delivering hidden benefits that you might not have initially thought possible.

The ERP process doesn’t end at identifying what system is better and most suited for your company. In fact, it just begins after that. Implementation of the ERP is an important aspect of the ERP purchase cycle.

To answer afore mentioned question – Can ERP implementation be ignored? Of course not. ERP Implementation means a change from any old system used to getting acquainted to the new system to be used. And this change will not be an easy process.

Though it may seem a difficult task, ERP Implementation doesn’t need to be very painful. With these following steps, from Implementation experts at Greytrix, you can have a blueprint ready for your ERP deployment.

1. Dedicate a team for the ERP Implementation.

2. Let the team build a concrete plan with keeping training, infrastructure and timeline in mind.

3. First themselves going under training before rest of the company. More hands on are better here.

4. Test the ERP Extensively and make required configurations.

5. Prepare various test models according to the business models and test those scenarios

6. Plan and execute ERP implementation workshops for the entire organization.

7. Most crucial is the data transfer to start simultaneously

8. Address all the concerns / issues on a common FAQ platform for reducing the number of issues raised as time goes.

9. Keep monitoring the system 

With 500+ years of man – month experience, Greytrix has been the champion of Implementation with more than 300 Implementations across the Globe in all verticals.

As experienced Implementation Consultants we believe in –

>>Dedication of best, brightest and accountable team.
>>Investing the required time to create a solid Business Case for Change.
>>Establish project success metrics with measurable business expectations.
>>Ensure the project plan incorporates provisions for risk and unforeseen events.
>>Most importantly, keep it relevant.

Our robust service is a full-fledged program that provides and bridges between business and technology. Feel free to ask any query related to Implementation to