Displaying Image in crystal report

By | July 15, 2014

Sage 300 ERP allows users to print reports for almost every transaction. Say for example we are printing a Quotation Report. There may be a scenario where the user may want to print the image of the items at run time.  To facilitate this, you can customize the standard report so that the user can pre-view the image against the item.
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While customizing the report, use OLE Object and in that pass the value of optional field which will be defined in the Item masters where the value of the optional field denotes the path of image file or else you can directly pass the link of image in the OLE object, it will display same image for all the items defined.
Refer the below screen shot, In the optional field “IMAGEURL”  define the path of the image for the item”A1-103-0” and in the OLE object pass the value of optional field “IMAGEURL”.
Display image iN crystal Report1
When you use item A1-103-0 in any transaction and print the corresponding customized report, you will be able to view the item image by the side of Item No.
To view final reports refer below screen shot.

Display Image In Crystal report

Note: You can customize all transaction reports to display images during run time.
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