Allow Posting to Previous Years Records (G/L Options)

By | July 29, 2014

There are certain situations where we don’t want to allow any user to post transactions in the previous years nor do we want to allow the user to post the transactions in previous years.

“Allow posting to previous years” option of SAGE 300 ERP have both the features where user can be restricted or allowed to make the entries in previous Fiscal year records.

To setup the same navigate to General Ledger —–> GL Setup —->Options:

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Below is the screen short of the UI:


By viewing the UI of G/L Options user can check or uncheck the “Allow Posting to Previous Years” option, as per requirements.

Note: If you want to allow batches to be posted to previous years, check this box.

“Allow Posting to previous Years” feature of SAGE ERP has following effects in G/L:

    1. By un-checking a checkbox, if any user make the entry for previous year from any module of sage ERP the batch which is generated in G/L shows the error “Incorrect procedure.  Cannot post to prior years because the Allow Posting to Previous Years option is not selected in G/L.”image1
    2. By checking a check-box, if any user makes the entry for previous year from any module of sage the batch which is generated in G/L does not show any error.
      Hence, by using this feature, a user will be able to post the entries to previous year even after entering current financial data.

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