Sales History For all Costing Method

By | July 31, 2014

Some companies follow standard costing but would like to calculate Margin based on Actual cost and not on Standard Cost. This Margin can further be used for multiple stuffs, like calculating your Sales person Commission.
Sage 300 ERP provides a report which holds all the sales information. The report is known as “Sales History Report” in the Order Entry module. Refer the link Sales History Report in Sage 300 ERP on how to print the sales history report.
The Standard Sales History Report shows values of Cost of sale and Margin only for those where costing method is Moving Average. But for standard cost the report shows a 0 value.
We have customized the standard Sales History Report to determine the current value of your inventory and the cost of goods sold, so that it will show the values of Cost of sale and Margin for all items and all the costing method.
Our report displays the actual transaction cost that is reflected in Inventory.
New Stuff: Sellable and Non-sellable Filter in Stock Transaction Report
To print this report Go To
Order Entry –> O/E Reports –> Sales History
Sales History
After printing you will get below output:Sales History Report
This information is very crucial for any organization to maintain record for sales staff performance by territory or location, and to indicate the strengths and weaknesses in company sales, which will help to identify the areas where they have to work to raise their sales.
Sales History report provides summarized or detailed sales information with accurate Cost of sale and margin, including sales totals by customer, inventory item, or by primary salesperson.
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