By | September 23, 2014

When a User makes manual entries into an application, one always has to check for duplicate transaction number (Customer PO Number) while entering data manually.
To avoid such a scenario and to save time, SAGE 300 ERP gives you a feature for checking duplicate transaction number (Customer PO Number) for a particular customer. You will get the options for checking duplicate PO number in invoicing tab on customer screen.
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You have three options available,
1. You can warn the User.
2. You can throw an error message to the User.
3. Not validate the duplicate PO number.
Refer below screenshot for a clear picture.
AR Customer
Below screenshots show how SAGE 300 ERP validates the duplicate PO number by Error and by Warning.
OE Order Entry-Error
Order Entry-Warning
Because of this feature you will get perfection & uniqueness into your process without any kind of duplications.
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