Exchange Gain loss in sage 300 ERP

By | September 25, 2014

If you buy or sell something using a different currency other than the one that you are using for the rest of your accounting, your accounting can get a bit complex.

 A multicurrency manager module of sage 300 ERP handles the complicity of multicurrency transactions. You can create unlimited number of currency and exchange rate as well as you can enter your business transaction in any currency and get the report in both in your home currency as well as in customer/Vendor currency.

 Specifically, if you invoice a customer on one day (at one exchange rate), and the customer pays on another day (when a different exchange rate is in play), you will have to deal with foreign currency gains or losses. (For the sake of simplicity, our explanations below will deal with invoices only. But everything we say here about invoices applies to bills, too. That is, gains and losses can happen when you invoice a customer, or when a vendor issues you a bill.)

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Following are the snap shots of configuration of exchange gain/loss account in Sage 300 ERP.
Configuration of exchange gain/loss accounting method:

Configuration of AR and AP account set in respective Modules.

Seamless integration across financial and distribution modules ensures currency gain or loss is automatically calculated to reflect currency fluctuation as transactions are settled. Apart from this multiple revaluation methods are available for calculating exchange fluctuation.