AR Customers-OE Invoice Inquiry

By | September 26, 2014

In our previous blog we had discussed about AR Customer – OE Order inquiry which provides information about order and shipment details of customer. Going further, in this blog we will discuss about ‘OE Invoices’ tab which gives us information about OE invoices and OE credit/debit note details of customer. This tab gives us summary information of OE Invoices and OE Credit/Debit notes for selected customers.
To inquiry about the OE Invoices of a customer user needs to select a particular customer in the AR Customer Inquiry screen as shown in below screenshot.
Go to Account Receivable –> A/R Customers–> Customer Inquiry.
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The OE Invoices tab contains two grid list which gives information about Invoices, debit notes, credit notes processed in order entry.

• First list contains one line of summary information for each invoice posted in OE Invoice Entry.
• The second list contains one line of summary information for each credit/debit note posted in OE Invoice Entry.

Also this tab provides following option to filter or reorder the data:

• Choose whether to display day end transactions (check or uncheck ‘Show Day End-Processed Transactions’).
• Lists Invoices and debit/credit notes in ascending or descending order.

User can drill down the Invoice/ debit/Credit by double clicking line from a selected Invoice/ debit/Credit to view the information that was entered with the Invoice/ debit/Credit in O/E Invoice Entry.

Just to summarize, the customer Inquiry form provides a ready reference to all the information that exists for invoice and credit/debit note in the Sage ERP 300 system.
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