Setting default primary Ship to Location in Sage 300

By | October 27, 2015

Ship-to locations are the addresses to which customers wants you to send the goods that they have ordered. (Invoices and statements are sent to the address entered in the customer records). Accounts Receivable can keep an almost unlimited number of ship-to locations for your customers, and you can choose the address to use when you are entering the invoices or defining recurring-charge records. Each ship-to address can also specify the salespeople who share in transactions posted using the code for the ship-to address, and the percentage each salesperson receives.
You use the Ship-To Locations form to add shipping addresses for your customers. You assign a code to identify each address, then select the code during invoice entry to specify the address for the order and to display the shipping method, special instructions, and tax information assigned to the address.
Sage 300 ERP provides a Ship -To Locations form to add, edit and delete ship-to locations and to view the details of the existing ship-to locations, also to set Primary Ship-To Location that have been setup for a customer.
To view the screen, navigate to Accounts Receivable -> AR Customers -> Ship-To Locations. The screen looks like:
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Select the Primary Ship-To Location as Yes then it will be used to designate a particular ship-to location as the primary ship-to location for a customer.
Accounts Receivable then uses the shipping information from this ship-to location record as the default entry when you set up a recurring charge record or create an invoice for the customer. Order Entry also uses these defaults when you process an order for the customer.
A new screen of AR ship to location will be opened up, tick the Primary Ship-To checkbox to set as Primary Ship-To. You can also see the primary Ship-to location in AR Customer Master Screen as shown below.
Also whenever the existing primary ship to location if exists ,and if we try to set multiple ship to location as primary Ship-To then it show the warning message  as show below as will override with the new ship-To location. In short only one ship to location can be set as primary ship location.
The Ship-To Location cannot be set as Inactive or deleted if it is used in any un-posted transaction. Once the Ship-To Location is set as Inactive, it cannot be used while adding an Invoice and we must also ensure that the Primary Ship-To checkbox should be un-ticked.
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