Dealing with Macros while Sage 300 version upgrades

By | February 18, 2017

Macro can be used as powerful technique for various Sage 300 customization. It can be use to create your own screens that interact with particular business logic and perform the required custom tasks.

In this blog we are going to discuss about how the macros can be dealt with in case of Sage 300 upgrades.

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Many customers does the customizations to have it business process get more faster and easier in terms of data entry or to have better reporting. Sage 300 releases more flexible, user friendly and enhanced versions almost every year. Customer will always prefer to be up to date and have advantage of all the enhanced features facilitated with the new release. But in this case, customizations may need rebuilding so that to make them compatible with the latest version resulting in the extra cost and the shucked data- entries due to incompatibility caused due to version upgrades.

The main advantage of using Sage 300 macros is macros are less sensitive to Sage 300 version upgrades. For this reason macros are also known as “Upgrade Safe”.


1. Unless Sage 300 version upgrade includes any database structural changes and the macro is dealing with that particular database objects macro will not get affected due to Sage 300 version upgrade.

2. In case of dependencies, generally macro get itself crashed but does not affect/ crashes or corrupts any Sage 300 objects.

3.Also macros can be easily modified to male it compatible with the latest version of Sage 300 latest version.

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