Auto-Update Ship-To-Address for Open Orders in Sage 300 ERP

By | July 18, 2017

Recently we have done a customization on A/R Ship To Locations screen to auto update the Ship-To-Address where our customer was looking for updating the Ship-To-Address for all the open orders when saving the changes for the specific location address of the customer.

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In this blog, we would be discussing about functionality of auto updating the Ship-To-Address.

Step 1:

User makes some changes in the Address for the customer’s location. We have selected the customer 1200 and Location “WAREHS” from the Sample Database and added the new address line “Address Line 3” and Saved the changes.
While saving the changes the user is prompted for updating all the open Orders.

AR Ship to location

Step 2:

When the user selects the “Yes” from the prompt then the Ship-To-Address for all the open orders with customer “1200” and Ship To Locations “WAREHS” is updated. User is provided the message box with the number of orders updated and the updated order numbers are stored in the LogFile generated with current system date on the displayed path.

Pop Up Message

Step 3:

The update information is displayed in the Log file.

Log File

Step 4:

When we verify the order “ORD000000000001” from the Log file, we can see that the new changes in the Address of the customer’s Ship Location is reflected for the order. User can click on ZOOM button to check for Ship-To-Address besides the Ship-To-Locations.

Order entry screen

So, customization is very useful when the address information for the specific location of the customer is changed and the customer demands to ship the item to the new address for the orders that are still pending.

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