Accelerate the multiple invoicing process in Sage 300 with Bulk Invoicing component

By | September 27, 2017

For SMEs, as a business expands, traditional accounting and invoicing functionalities run into challenges and falls short of the business needs. Managing day-to-day accounting tasks such as tracking finances, invoicing, analyzing cash flow, and company’s performance becomes cumbersome with traditional accounting systems. This slows down invoicing time, increasing the workload of accounting individual, increasing manual data entry errors and reduces efficiency.

Sage 300 ERP – an on-premise business management solution has the potential to deliver best practices in business operations. It not just manages finances, operations or inventory but it improves visibility and efficiency in the business workflow. Sage 300 ERP effortlessly integrates your sales and service functions for streamlined, an end to end financial management with improved reporting.

Apart from managing the daily churn of purchase and sales, businesses need to handle periodic invoices of the organization. With purchase and sales taking most of the crucial time, it’s quite obvious that posting of invoices gets delayed. Irregular invoicing leads to late payments and causes financial losses to the organization. To simplify the processing of large volumes of invoices, Greytrix has developed a unique standalone component called “Bulk Invoicing”. This component provides the feature of invoicing multiple shipments from multiple customers at the same time. The key highlight of this component is the possibility of listing out all the open shipments for which invoice needs to be generated in Sage 300. The bulk invoicing component assists users to view all the open shipments which are not invoiced.

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Bulk Invoicing component is ideal for companies with multiple clients to bill for varied periodicity such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing cycle. Using bulk invoicing component, you can filter and search your clients, find a specific type of work you want to invoice. This results in quick creation and delivery of invoices to all your clients. It speeds up your invoicing time, allowing you to print all of them in a single click. The Bulk invoicing component avoids duplication of invoices, eliminates data entry errors, essentially handling the periodic invoices of your business.

Sage 300 Bulk Invoicing component is developed using Sage 300 SDK, which is easy to deploy and works with Sage 300 ERP V2014, v2012, and Sage 300 ERP v6.0A

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Benefits of Sage 300 Bulk Invoicing Component

  • Hassle free and effective management of invoicing process
  • Automated processing of large volumes of invoices
  • Cost and time effective process
  • Improves cash flow
  • Better invoice tracking
  • Streamlined invoicing process
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Avoids duplication of invoices

If you need to bill multiple clients regularly, then bulk invoicing component saves time and increase productivity that, leaves you with more time to handle crucial business operations. Need more information on this Sage 300 component, then write to us at

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