IC – Pending Transfer Report

By | October 3, 2017

In our previous blog of Pending GRN report, we have seen that you can extract the same in excel in quick time. In this blog, we will discuss how you can extract IC transfer data that is pending for IC receipt.
Sometime it is difficult to track pending transit transfer for particular date range in simple understandable format. To overcome this point, we have developed a customized report called IC Pending Transfer Report in Sage 300. The Report has been developed for one of our client with filter criteria as:
Filter criteria:

  • From and To Date
Customized report called IC Pending Transfer Report in Sage 300 with filter as From date & to Date

This report will provide you item wise data of posted transfer for selected date range.
Below is the sample output of this report.

Sample output for Selected date range In Sage 300

Report UI:
This report will help you track pending transfer for particular date range as transfer number, document date, postdate, item no, item description, from location, to location, transfer quantity, UOM & extended cost etc
Report will directly export data in excel format, so with the help of that user can easily sort the data whichever he/she wants.
We can customize this report & add columns as per your requirement.

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