Available options to migrate Bank master into Sage 300 ERP

By | May 9, 2018

GUMU™ for Sage 300 ERP is a Sage certified Migration solution. Greytrix is a pioneer in providing Migration services at its Sage Migration Center and catering end-user business requirements. We at Greytrix are focused to help the client in successfully implementing the new Sage 300 ERP system through our various successful migration and integration solutions.
In this blog, we would discuss about the available options to convert Bank masters into Sage 300 ERP. We convert masters by using below mentioned methods from Sage 50 US (Peachtree), Sage 50 CAD (Simply Accounting), QuickBooks. In this blog, we have taken the example of Sage 50 ERP.
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Now, we will discuss about migrating masters into Sage 300 ERP. Unlike Sage 50 every bank defined in Sage Accpac ERP™ needs to have a bank code. In migration process GUMU allows you to generate bank codes for Banks using three methods:

  1. Auto Number:Numeric bank numbers automatically gets generated using a user-defined starting number and a user-defined increment. Say for e.g. if you want to assign first bank code as 1000 and next code should get generated by 10 then it would look like as 1010, 1020 and so on as shown below:

  1. Bank Initials:Bank numbers are generated using first two initials of company name and next three characters will be a number.For example code for “Bank of America” will be BA001 and “Bank of Australia” will be BA002.
  2. Bank Name:Bank numbers are generated using first N (N is user-defined value) characters of company name. For example code for “Bank of America” will be “BAN001” and “Bank of Australia” will be “BAN002” if a user selected first 3 characters of company name to be used.

Note: As per the Sage 300 standard functionality it would allow to enter only up to 8 characters for bank code.
In this way, Sage 50 Bank masters is migrated into target Sage 300 ERP company database. In our Next Blog we will discuss about another method of generating Bank Number.
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