Open the Sage 300 OCX screens in .Net Framework

By | July 31, 2021

Here’s a very useful piece of code you can use to run a Sage 300 task without having to login manually or open the Sage 300 desktop.

New Stuff: New web screens includes in Accounts Receivable 300C v2021.2

Suppose you have an import task in Sage 300 which has to be executed every day. So usually the user would have to login to Sage 300 every day and manually run the task. This can be very arduous. If you had a utility which you can simply schedule using windows scheduler to run the Sage 300 task every day, it would save a lot of manual work and that’s exactly what the following piece of information will help you with.

The following code has been done in VB.Net. You will need Visual Studio to proceed further.

Below are the Visual Studio versions compatible with Sage 300 versions:

Sage 300 versionVisual Studio version
Sage 300 20192015
Sage 300 20202015, 2017
Sage 300 20212017

Open the visual studio with “Run as administrator” permission and create a windows application project in Visual Studio.

  1. You will need to add the following code in the project:

Public WithEvents dynamicScreen As AxHost

  1. The above reference can be found in System.Windows.Forms.
  2. Once you declared the object then you need to add below code in Page load event.

dynamicScreen = Controls.AddExtended(“AccpacOE1100.AccpacOE1100UICtrl”, “OE1100”)

dynamicScreen.Visible = True

  1. Inside the Add Extended method, user need to provide OCX class name with control name “AccpacOE1100.AccpacOE1100UICtrl” and RotoID “OE1100”.
  2. Once you have done all the changes, execute the project to load the Order entry screen in Window Application in .Net framework.

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