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OCX could not be loaded

In this blog, we will discuss about the solution for the warning message while loading the customized screen (OCX) I.e. ”AccpacOE1000.ocx could not be loaded”. Sage 300 provides an SDK (Software Development Kit) using, which a developer can customize, existing OCX screens, which has different OCX, name than that of standard name. Sometimes when any… Read More »

Error: Permission Denied while making OCX

Sage 300 provides an SDK using which a developer can customize an existing OCX screen. This customized screen needs to be upgraded with a higher version of sage 300 when you upgrade your Sage 300 to higher version. While upgrading this customized source code with a higher version and making the OCX, sometimes we can… Read More »

Possible Cause and Resolution for UAC popup while opening Sage 300 Customized screen

Here we are going to discuss about the issue that causes the Sage 300 customized screen to display unnecessary “UAC popup” prompt when the sage 300 is logged in by non-administrative window user. We have come across this issue mostly in Windows 10 and later versions environment due to advanced security measures that has been… Read More »

Sage 300 -Allowing Only Minimize Box on Customized OCX

Sage 300 classic desktop provides various user interfaces i.e. screens which are basically OCX files i.e. “ActiveX Control Objects”. The entry screens generally has windows maximize and minimize buttons but for Report user interfaces or those user interfaces on which no tabular data or grid present the maximize button might been disabled. While customizing these… Read More »


Did you know that SAGE 300 ERP allows you to create/use web services from within the active x control which can be used to integrate with third party applications? Yes this is true you can create web services for the desired functionality and deploy it on the server. The web services can include functionalities like:… Read More »

“Control is not properly installed” error in Sage 300 ERP

While Installing GreyMatrix (Apparel Solution) for Sage 300 ERP our implementation team got an uncalled invite, “Control is not properly installed”. After googling our internal KB, we found that it’s something common in Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP and has been occurring frequently in different situations. So we thought to share this in this blog to… Read More »