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How to use BlkPut to save data into Sage 300 using Advantage API in C#

In this blog, we will be looking on saving the data into Sage 300 with BlkPut function using Advantage API in C# .Net. Sage 300 has different ways to save the records using code recorded by macro where all the values are assigned to the fields individually using Field Name or Field Index, record saving… Read More »

Implement modern UI in child forms – new theme when customizing Sage 300 ERP OCX

We have seen that with the release of Sage 300 ERP version 2018(6.5) new theme has been introduced similar to Windows 10 theme. When we customize any standard Sage 300 screen/OCX, we do not get the new look and feel provided by the Sage 300 ERP in v2018 and above. It’s best that our customers/users… Read More »

How to use CSQRY using COMAPI in C#

CSQRY is the standard Sage 300 View CS0120. It basically takes the SQL Query as the parameter to its Browse method and then returns the records via calls to Fetch. CSQRY is easy to execute general SQL statements through the Sage 300 API. This way we don’t need additional database credentials and don’t need to… Read More »

Attempted to read or write protected memory

The use of Sage 300 Advantage API is increasing day by day and there is an ample requirement of the integrations, import, export that uses it. Developers are now making maximum use of Advantage API compared to COMAPI and XAPI for external programs. XAPI requires separate licenses so end user tries to avoid an additional… Read More »

How to forcibly sign out users who are signed in to Sage 300 v2020 PU 1 web screen

As we know with the release of Sage 300 v2020 PU1, Sage has introduced a new feature where Admin user can forcibly sign out other users who are signed into the web screen. Non admin users only can see the other users list who are signed into the web screen. New Stuff: Document Attachment module… Read More »

AR Statements/Letters/Labels screen in Sage 300

The purpose of A/R Statements/Letters/Labels screen to print statements, letters, or labels for a customer or national account. This screen is use to print a sample covering letter and a sample mailing label form, formatted for laser printers that you can use or change to suit company’s requirements. New Stuff: How to Register and Unregister DLLs… Read More »

How to Register and Unregister DLLs and OCXs in Windows

We are familiar that Sage 300 ERP allows to customize the standard screens which has different OCX name than that of standard name. Whenever we perform some type of customization in Sage 300 which has new screen files and other dependent files, user needs to register the same in windows. New Stuff: Receiving Location cost cannot… Read More »