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Display Finish Good Item on manufacturing issuance Screen

Manufacturing Order is used to request for a new item or product to be assembled or processed in Production Area include its component and operation. The Manufacturing Order transaction window allows the system used to create, edit and closeout. Manufacturing orders M/F Issuance refers to the issuance of raw materials, packaging materials and sub-assemblies from… Read More »

Discrete / Process Manufacturing

Let us understand the basic difference between the types of Manufacturing processes followed. This can be broadly classified as under- I. Discrete manufacturing II. Process manufacturing Discrete Manufacturing Companies following this type of manufacturing use multiple parts/ pieces of various materials for assembling of products.  The manufacturer typically uses a Bill of Material which contains… Read More »

Manufacturing Overhead in Sage 300 ERP

Now-a-days in the competitive world of manufacturing, customers have started to demand more services than ever before. It is important that the management not only controls its overhead but also recognizes how to allocate that overhead on products and report on the company’s financial statements. New stuff: Create Invoice directly from Shipment Entry Manufacturing overheads are… Read More »

BOM and KIT – Understanding the Basic Difference

BOM (Bill of Material) and KIT concepts are widely used in manufacturing and trading domains and hence are offered by all major ERP systems. The concept of BOM and KIT are widespread in various verticals and has a process involved for having them defined in the system. In this Blog, both BOM and KIT are… Read More »