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IC Serial/Lot Stock Listing report to know the detailed information of Lot Inventory

Inventory management is a critical skill for all stock-based enterprises. It is, however, a need for individuals in the manufacture, distribution, and retailing of perishable commodities. The perishable commodities are marked with batch codes in addition to serial numbers, allowing businesses who deal with this type of stock to track things that have passed their… Read More »

Product Ledger Report

In Sage 300 ERP, There is inventory Report In that report user will receive the details of all transactions based on the Date, Item Number, and Location in that report, but we will not receive the Lot Number/Batch number, Customer/Vendor code, Ship To/Remit Location. To overcome this, we have produced this report. The user will… Read More »

Ops Inquiry – Setup Options for Inventory Item Image

In our latest blog we have discussed about maintaining image for inventory item using Ops inquiry, in this blog we are going to discuss about the necessary settings that needs to be done to maintain image using Ops inquiry. New Stuff: Implement modern UI in child forms – new theme when customizing Sage 300 ERP… Read More »

Maintaining Images for IC Items – Ops Inquiry Feature

As the pictures are more descriptive than that of an appropriate name for a thing, same goes with inventory items also. Many company follows certain nomenclature or terminologies e.g. in Sage 300’s terms we use “Item Structure codes” to number the item so that this number itself will well describe the inventory item. But there… Read More »

Migrating Items from QuickBooks as AR Items into Sage 300 ERP

GUMU™ for QuickBooks to Sage 300 ERP is a Sage certified Migration solution. Greytrix is a pioneer in providing migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and catering end-users business requirements. Data migration is always a challenging task to perform. We migrate data with the help of our Sage certified migration utility in accordance to our well defined… Read More »