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BOM and KIT – Understanding the Basic Difference

BOM (Bill of Material) and KIT concepts are widely used in manufacturing and trading domains and hence are offered by all major ERP systems. The concept of BOM and KIT are widespread in various verticals and has a process involved for having them defined in the system. In this Blog, both BOM and KIT are… Read More »

Order Process for Manufacturing Company in Sage 300 ERP

In our previous blog, we discussed about configuring “BOM Setup for Manufacturing Company in Sage 300 ERP”. In this blog, we will discuss how to use this Process in Sage 300 ERP. Steps for creating Order Process for Manufacturing company are as mentioned below; Service People will be creating Sales Order for Finished Goods to be… Read More »

Simplify Assembly using Sage 300 ERP

In Automobile Industry, creating car involves manufacturing and assembling of multiple components to finally arrive at the finished product Or say in Food and Distribution Services, creating a Cheese Salsa Wrap involves creation of Breads, Gravies, Marinates or spices. Hence, what here we wish for user is to be able to have better control while… Read More »