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Installation of web Customization in Sage 300c v 2019.1

Sage 300c has a user-friendly admin interface, through which user can easily import and install web customization for any module in sage 300c v 2019.1. This is one of the useful features through which any module or screens could be easily modified. In Sage 300c 2019.1 version, we can easily import and assign any modification to… Read More »

Company wise color in Sage 2020 PU2- Web Screen

If any organization using Sage 300 with multiple companies, then organization can assign a unique color to each company to see which company’s information you are viewing and avoid data entry errors. Previously, the assigned company colours appeared only in sage 300 desktop (classic) screens. Refer below link to set the colour. Now, with the… Read More »

Multiple Browser Tabs in Sage 300cloud ERP 2020

Sage 300 ERP web screens functionalities are being improved with every new release. With the launch of Sage 300 ERP version 2020, new functionality is provided so the user can now run Sage 300cloud in multiple browser tabs or windows at the same time. New Stuff:- Creating Custom Queries with Sage 300c using Inquiries Now Sage 300… Read More »

Sage 300c Web Screen Supported Regional Language

Sage 300 web screens support multiple regional languages. It is utilizing the resource files (Resx files) to maintain localize setting like strings, text, captions, messages etc. These resource files (Resx files) are supported by Microsoft’s Resource manager class which is present in the Sage 300 web screen. New Stuff:- Sage 300C Grid filtration for Transaction… Read More »

Checking a customer credit status in sage web screen-patch 2

With the release of Sage 300 v2017 and new web screen, some new features has been introduced. In this blog we will look how to check customer credit status in sage 300 web screen. New Stuff: Auto-Update Ship-To-Address for Open Orders in Sage 300 ERP A new credit status tab on AR customer has been introduced in… Read More »

Difference between Sage 300 Portal and the new Web Screens

In this blog, we will look into the difference between Sage 300 portals and new Web screens, how both differ from each other and how they both have their individual pros and cons. New Stuff: Automation on OE Order Quantity Web Screens Sage 300 web screens bring the power of Sage 300 to your web browser. Whether you’re using… Read More »