Failed to update Sage CRM company status error

By | October 19, 2013

We have discussed few issues and workarounds which we had observed while upgrading Sage CRM – Sage 300 integrated system. Here is the link for quick reference.
Recently we came across another issue; hence thought to document it so that Sage users can note it down and save their time to investigate if they encountered a similar issue.
Kindly allow me to elaborate in more detail. As per standard Sage CRM-Sage 300 integration, if user updates Company from Sage CRM, it correctly updates data in Sage 300 customer and vice-versa. However in our case, whenever we are trying to update the Sage 300 customer, we were getting an error message as “Description: Failed to update company successfully. You do not have rights to update the column comp_status…”.  Here is the screenshot of the same.
As per message, it was not updating due to sufficient rights on the company status field.  In Sage CRM, there is only one way user can apply field level security which is available at each field level. Hence thought to check the Company Status field level and bingo 🙂 we found resolution on the same. Here are steps that we had followed to fix an issue.
1) Navigate to Administration | Customization | Company.
2) Select the Fields tab.
3) Click on Field Security column (Pencil Icon) of Company Status field.
4) Select Allow checkbox under Write Access option.
5) Click on Continue button.
6) Do the Metadata Refresh.
As mentioned previously, sometimes error details turns out to be time saver for us 🙂

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