CRM Email Manager Service failed to start

By | September 12, 2014

One of the strong features SageCRM provides is E-Mail functionality. This is the reason why we push all our customers to use email outbound and inbound functionalities to the maximum. Now when it comes to inbound emailing, we must know how to handle various issues that are associated with Email Manager Service. You will find several tips and tricks in this regards all over my blog. I will discuss one such tip today where I was facing issues starting up the CRM E-mail manager service.
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For one of my customers I had implemented inbound email functionality. Functionality was working properly on my development machine. Then I moved this functionality to another machine for testing purpose. This machine had multiple CRM instances installed and inbound emails stopped working. To my surprise I found “CRM Email Manager Service” in stopped state however at the time of starting service manually I faced below error.
I followed the path in Service properties to check what’s going wrong.
I navigated to above shown path, and the “eWareEmailManager.exe” file was not present. Now what next? After few minute I realized that my “CRM” is installed in “C” drive. Then I went to “Registry Editor” by typing “regedit” in run.   Expand “ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | System | CurrentControlSet | Service “ as shown below.
Select  “Email Manager
Right click on “Image path” and select modify.
Give the required path.
Select “OK
Similarly you need to change path of “CRMIndexerService” and “CRMEscalationService” if required.
Finally give “iisreset”.
After doing these changes try restarting the service again and it should work.
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