Manage CRM Indexer (Window) Service from CRM

By | November 30, 2016

Hi Folks! The Sage CRM installer not only create application for users but also add following services along with it. In this blog we will see how we can manage CRM indexer service from CRM admin panel.
1. CRM E-mail Manager
2. CRM Escalation Service
3. CRM Indexer Service
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The CRM Indexer Service is required to feed data to the CRM Keyword Search function which help users to search the CRM records using Keyword search. This service first builds up an index of all the database records and then periodically updates this index to track records that have been added in the meantime.
The default configuration to update or index the database records is set to 5 Mins which can be seen within CRM at this path.
We can reduce the indexer interval by changing the default value and save it. From above screen, you can also see the last time when the Keyword search was indexed by this service and duration it took to complete the same.
Hope this helps!
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