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Sage CRM 2021 R2: UX improvements – Configuration of Quote/Order merge document names

Sage CRM’s Mail merge functionality is one of the well – known and most useful functionality for every Business. The ability to merge the transaction details onto a word or pdf document with just few clicks had made it the most prominent feature of Sage CRM. The provision to create numerous templates categorized on a… Read More »

Quote Summary Screen Enhancements in Sage CRM 7.3

In our recent blog posts, we have talked about the new features introduced in Beta version of Sage CRM 7.3. Today we will talk about the new features introduced on Quote Summary screen of Sage CRM v7.3. New stuff : Expect smarter Email Marketing in Sage CRM 7.3 with MailChimp integration New buttons have been added to… Read More »

View Sage CRM Reports in PDF format from any Sage CRM screen

In our previous posts on Sage CRM reports, we had explained how to, 1) Get impressive reports by adjusting Report Styles in Sage CRM 2) Get impressive PDF Reports by adjusting Report Styles in Sage CRM – Part 2 3) Include your Company Logo in Sage CRM Reports GUMU Sage CRM Integrations : Sage ERP X3 | Sage 100 | Sage… Read More »

Get impressive PDF Reports by adjusting Report Styles in Sage CRM – Part 2

In our earlier blog, we had discussed how reports styles can be changed to get impressive reports in Sage CRM. https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagecrm/2014/09/12/get-impressive-reports-by-adjusting-report-styles-in-sage-crm/ New Stuff: Include your Company Logo in Sage CRM Reports Going further, in this blog, we will explain how Report Header, Details and Title etc. can be formatted as per requirement. In Sage CRM, Reports… Read More »

FOP shell command

Apache FOP is the tool being used in Standard CRM installation to generate the PDF reports. The phenomenon works on the basis of Extended Style sheet Transformation methodology. We had posted the detailed information on this topic before. Please go through the below link to refer the same. http://sagecrmaddons.blogspot.com/2009/07/file-to-pdf-conversion-using-fop.html As per the block diagram in… Read More »

Generate Excel/PDF reports on standard Sage CRM entities externally

Reporting is one of the essential parts of today’s business oriented software’s. It forms the base for analyzing growth of organization and on the other hand also enables us to track the client request-response which helps us in maintaining splendid relationship with client. Sage CRM has come up with powerful reporting solutions to suit any… Read More »

File to PDF conversion using FOP

FOP i.e. Formatting Objects Processor is one of the very efficient print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects. It is an application which is based on JAVA that reads a formatting object tree and then converts it to the desired output format according to the requirement and parameters we specify. The formatting object tree can… Read More »

Excel to PDF generator

As per our one of the components we can create an Excel Mail Merge. Further if we are willing to generate PDF file for that Excel file programatically, we have developed a component which works individually in SageCRM which picks up the Excel sheet and converts it in to PDF automatically. Requisites: This supports only… Read More »