Error Opening PDF files in Internet Explorer 9

By | January 19, 2015

This will be a shortest blog topic ever we had posted on our blog site 🙂 Well, while working on one of the implementation our team has encountered a weird issue which is related to version of a browser & PDF reader.
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While checking the email functionality of Sage CRM, a PDF file was added as an attachment with the email. However, when the email was opened by the recipient he was not able to view the contents properly. Below is the screenshot added for your reference. Here, pdf file was opened in a separate tab instead of opening it on pdf reader.
Well, on checking the various solutions given by experts on google we came to know that this is a known issue of Internet Explorer (IE) v9 which is restricting PDF reader to display the file content.  So, to rectify this we applied below given settings on PDF reader.
Steps to apply settings:
1. Open Adobe Reader.
2. Go to Edit tab.
3. Select Preferences options
4. Go to Internet option
5. Now, Uncheck “Display PDF in browser.” Checkbox.
6. Click Ok button.
Now, users are able to view the document properly without any issue. Also, a observation was made by team that PDF files are working properly on latest Internet Explorer browsers.
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