Synch Orders from Sage CRM Cloud to Sage 50 (US) using GUMU™ link

By | May 27, 2015

GUMU™ for Sage – Sage 50 (US) integration link is external bi-directional link which synch data from Sage to Sage 50 (US) and vice versa. In our GUMU™ link there are number of Synch processes. In this blog we will go through the Promote order synch process.

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In Sage – Sage 50 integration, user can create order using standard Sage CRM opportunity workflow and later can promote it to Sage 50 (US) by running GUMU™ promote order process. For creating order against any Sage 50 customer and to promote it to Sage 50 we have to make sure of below points:
Step 1:- Below Image shows that while creating new order the price list selected on Sage CRM should be a valid price list of Sage 50 (US)
Step 2:- “Linked” check box should be checked and document type value should be selected as “Order”.  Refer to the image below for better understanding.
Step 3:- Once the user has created an order in Sage CRM then they can easily synch it to Sage 50 using GUMU™ Promote order synch process.
Once an order is promoted to Sage 50 a document number field will be populated with corresponding Sage 50 as shown in below image.
Please note that, once an order is promoted from Sage to Sage 50 then no further updates on the order will not reflect in Sage 50 (US).

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