Importance of CRM ERP integration

By | June 22, 2015

Traditionally, the ERP system automates the management of purchasing, distribution, Planning, Manufacturing, account receivable, payable and Product-inventory data. CRM systems are customer facing and manage sales, customer service, and lead generation. Because of the different areas that these respective systems handle, they are designed differently and are often incompatible. What if we integrate both CRM and ERP together. Integration can be well worth if done using a unified system that handles both ERP and CRM functions. Organization needs a complete picture of the relationship between a customer and the company which they can get by using the ERP and CRM system.

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Integration of CRM and ERP can helps an organization in Following way:
1.  Avoid Duplication of Data and repetition of work:  An Organization with Integrated CRM and ERP is not supposed to make multiple entries of any data. There will always be a single entry pointing to central database or that same entry automatically syncs in to ERP, after integration. This avoids multiple data entry by multiple users and also reduces chances of human data entry errors/Bugs.
2.  Gives a Real time View of Data/Information: Integration provides Real ti’me view of ERP data in CRM.  This allows sales people to access all relevant Sales History/ past conversation data of the customer. Hence providing better and improved customer service.
3.  Allow Forecasting:  Integration allows access of customer and sales history, Prepares MIS and forecasting report of an organization. This helps management in decision making and deciding on further future plans of the organization.
4.  Increases the productivity:  Integration helps an organization to increase their productivity. Single work can be done with the help of fewer resources. This saves alot of time which can be invested in doing some other substantially important work. For eg. Salesperson on a site, dealing with customer can access CRM from his iPad/Tablet and can enter data into CRM which later can be sync to ERP.
5.  Improved Customer service: Due to Customer Centric view of information, Salesperson or an employee can provide better services to an end user.
6.  Information on the GO: In today’s business model, this is the most important part for an organization. Using CRM ERP Integrated systems, Sales person can access their data sitting on cloud from anywhere anytime.
Greytrix have some unique integration solutions for Sage CRM with Sage ERP’s (Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 50 ERP (US edition)).
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