Interactive Dashboard – Permission Denied Issue

By | January 30, 2016

Interactive Dashboard is one of the advance, essential and effective feature provided by Sage CRM 7.3. This version has brought lot of new dashboards and inbuilt reports. Sales Dashboard is one of them and it is available by default.
In today’s blog I will explain you how I resolved permission denied issue appearing in Sales Dashboard.
New Stuff: Assign User to specific Dashboard Template
Recently, I was working on modifying Sales Dashboard for one of our existing customer. I came across one strange issue where it was showing permission denied” issue for one of the report gadget. Kindly refer below screenshot.
I started investigating in report section but did not found anything wrong in that. I have also cross verified profile and territory structure of that particular user and that was also looking fine.
Then I checked Security Panel in user configuration, I found Reports Rights was set to “Personal”.
I simply changed it to “Enterprise”.
Now guess what? That was the resolution. My dashboard report started working fine and was showing perfect data which was expected to me.
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