How to increase search limit of Keyword Search

By | April 19, 2016

Hi folks! You all must be aware of Keyword Search functionality in CRM. Please find the URL which explains how “Keyword Search” functionality works.

Make your keyword search more efficient

Now, through this article I would be explaining you how we can increase the search limit of Keyword Search.

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I was working on company find screen. I entered “Yearly” word in “keyword Search” field. CRM showed me 200 records. But when I executed the same query in my “SQL” it displayed 800 records. After spending some time on searching such type of issue in Sage Community I got the solution. Solution was very simple you just need to increase the total number of records you want to display in your respective search list. Please find below steps to achieve the same.

1. Log in to CRM
2. Go to Administration | System | Keyword Search
3. Set default value under Maximum number of results field as “1000”. Please see below screenshot for reference.


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